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HRDGATEWAY.ORG is an international network of Human Resources Development professionals from all over the world. Set up to facilitate networking and knowledge sharing among and between these professionals and other professionals in organizations both corporate and public, this virtual organization has achieved several feathers in its’ cap:

  • Establishment of the Knowledge Asia Youth Network (KAYNET);
  • Sharing of Human Resource Development expertise with the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area (CAFTA) initiative;
  • Operation of the ASEAN Training Network (ATN);
  • and many more.

Committed to building a world-class community of human resource development professionals, HRDGATEWAY.ORG continues to work with selected partners on a number of regional and international projects.

Among current initiatives include participation and engagements in conferences and events, networking luncheons, referral services, and knowledge and skills development programmes for members. More information can be sought at their website,

Set up in the memory of S. Thavamoorthy, a son, husband, friend and father known for his kindness, integrity and generosity, the RACHIAM FOUNDATION is an international initiative set up to inspire, encourage and develop positive, sustainable change globally.

Funds raised are used to provide aid and facilitate training programmes for:

  • deserving communities;
  • social enterprises;
  • and life transformation initiatives and efforts.

Individuals and organisations that are involved with the Foundation focus on building people and communities to be independent from the cycle of poverty and dependence on continued assistance so that those supported can in turn assist others the same way.

Some of the success stories the Foundation has include work done with people/communities in Thailand, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Malaysia; on the operational front, the Foundation also carries out verification research on organisations worldwide to confirm the impact they have achieved in ensuring positive, sustainable change.

More information can be sought at their website,