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01HIRING4SUCCESS! Implementing a Successful Recruitment Program

02Behavioral Event Interviewing – Behavioral interviewing techniques

03Effective Employee Onboarding – Getting employees off to a good start

04HR Management – Managing your human capital

05HR for Managers outside the HR Department

06Managing Diversity in the Workplace

07Safety at the Workplace

08Employee Dispute Resolution & Mediation

09Workplace Harassment & Sexual Harassment Policy

10Managing Anger & Conflict amongst Subordinates & Colleagues

11DON’T KICK THE CAT! Transforming Executive Stress

12Passionate Work Attitude – Developing employee motivation

13SOCIAL-MEDIA@WORK! Controlling and capitalizing on social media

14Succession & Talent For A Stronger Organization

15DISCOVERY US! Personality profiling for enhanced TEAM productivity

16Using Coaching for Leadership – Coaching to lead and motivate

17Informal Leadership – Leading with Emotional Intelligence

18Intensive Management Skills Development program


20SHOULDER2SHOULDER! Experiential Indoor & Outdoor Teambuilding

21360° Feedback & Appraisal

22The Productive Supervisor – Supervisory Skills Intensive

23Personal Strengths Management for Higher Personal & Team Productivity

24LEVEL 5 LEADERSHIP! High Impact Leadership for Senior Management

25FUN@WORK! Living the ‘FISH!’ philosophy

PLEASE NOTE that this list is by no means complete – if the topic you are interested in is not listed – please make a request and we will source the necessary for you.