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01Complete Project Management – Basic, Intermediate & Advanced Intensive

02Project Management Fundamentals – Project Management for non-Project Managers

03BALANCE@WORK! Developing a Balanced Work Culture in the Organization

04Performance Coaching – Coaching & mentoring for performance


06BREAK THE FEAR & DISCOVER YOUR VOICE! Conquering your fear of speaking in public

07BALANCE@WORK! Work Life Balance

08Corporate Power Grooming & Etiquette

09Business Etiquette – Gaining that extra edge

10ENGLISH4LIFE! English Fluency for Better Communication

11Building Impactful Relationships – How to earn other people’s Support, Trust, Admiration & Respect (STAR)

12UP YOUR EQ! Developing High Emotional Intelligence

13Emotional Awareness – Awareness of emotions in yourself & others

14Reading the Body – Understanding Body Language

15Understanding Anger & Dealing with it

16Dealing with Conflict & Difficult People

17Stress Release thru Laughter Yoga

18BREAKTHRU YOU! Breakthrough your personal blocks to achieve productivity, success, fulfillment and happiness

19HISTORY YOU! Discover the history of your personality; why you are who you are; how you developed your strengths & your weaknesses

20Getting the Best out of Your Day – Effective work habits & personal productivity

214JOBSEEKERS: Creating a Dynamite Job Portfolio

224JOBSEEKERS: Getting Your Job Search Started

234JOBSEEKERS: Mastering the Interview

24Building Your Self-Esteem and Assertiveness Skills

25PASSION4LIFE! Discovering your true passion in life

PLEASE NOTE that this list is by no means complete – if the topic you are interested in is not listed – please make a request and we will source the necessary for you.