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A One-Stop Centre
for Human Resource Development Solutions
HRD Gateway Sdn Bhd Co. Reg. : 576719–M A company established as a training and development business in late 2002, HRD Gateway Sdn Bhd has steadily built a name for itself as a provider of quality advisory, training and learning services. call +603 6100 5992 read more
Services Include
  • Advisory Services
  • Training Facilitation Services
  • Learning Services
Gateway Creations PLT Co. Reg. : LLP0002387-LGN At Gateway Creations PLT, there's always a way to get things done. Because of the years of experience our key members have, we are able to ensure you always get the right person for the tasks/jobs. call +603 7497 6778 read more
Services Include
  • Coaching Services
  • Consulting Services
  • SME Provision Services

Our Most Popular Programmes

  • Winning Over The Customer
    Winning Over The Customer

    Creating the Attitude of Customer Service Excellence

  • Hiring For Success
    Hiring For Success

    Behavioral Interviewing Techniques

  • Strategic Realignment For Improved Performance
    Strategic Realignment For Improved Performance

    The 5-Step Technique to get the Organization Back on Track

  • How to Earn Other People’s S.T.A.R.
    How to Earn Other People’s S.T.A.R.

    (Support, Trust, Admiration & Respect)

  • Systematic Thinking Out of the Box
    Systematic Thinking Out of the Box

    The 6 Quick Maps to Creative Problem-Solving & Effective Decision Making


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